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Coppertone is the most advanced sunscreen in the world. Coppertone has very carefully engineered their products to reduce the side effects of being in the sun from normal sunburns to skin cancer. Coppertone cares about children and the harmful effects that the suns rays can do. Coppertone offers many different types of sunscreen that you can choose from depending on your skin type and situation. Make sure to get your Coppertone Coupons and start protecting your skin today!

Coppertone is one of the biggest brands of sunscreen in the world. Coppertone has developed a lotion that will prevent the suns harmful rays from burning all different types of skin. Our sun emits Ultraviolet (UV) rays that are dangerous to human skin. These UV rays can cause burning of the skin and the most devastating malignant melanoma, a type of cancer that if detected too late, can result in death. By using Coppertone Coupons, you'll help save your budget and skin.

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Our sun emits two different types of rays, Ultraviolet A rays and Ultraviolet B rays. The UVA rays penetrate more deeply into the skin. These rays can cause skin cancer and premature aging. UVB rays are the rays that damage the outer layer of the skin. They can lead to skin burning and premature aging. Prolonged exposure to these rays can ultimately lead to different types of skin cancer. Coppertone Coupons help decrease your chance of cancer while saving your money to help protect yourself.

Coppertone sunscreens are the best on the market because they protect across the whole UVA/UVB spectrum. Coppertone will protect against both the dangerous types of our sun’s harmful rays. Most other sunscreens do not protect across the whole spectrum. These sunscreens protect by making their lotion thicker. They use a number that makes up its Sun Protection Factor (SPF). For example, SPF 15 is not as strong as SPF 75. These other companies will fool you with these numbers but they will not protect you against all of the harmful rays the sun emits, only some. Coppertone is dedicated to bringing you the very best protection for you and your family.

Coppertone offers a large line of different sunscreens for all types of activities. The Coppertone Sport is designed to stay on the active person all day long in extreme conditions. Coppertone Sport has a Sun Protection Factor of 100 and is guaranteed to not run into your eyes when you sweat. Ideal for swimming and an active outdoor lifestyle, it is also waterproof. Get your Coppertone Coupons and try them all!

Coppertone also offers a spray bottle sunscreen called the UltraGUARD. This line comes in SPF 15, 30, 50 and 70, depending on your skin type and climate. The UltraGUARD is designed to help people evenly cover the unprotected areas and also minimize messy fingers.

The Oil Free line from Coppertone is specially designed without oil to be non-comedogenic, meaning that it will not clog your pores on your face. Ideal for people worried about pimples or skin aging.

The Sensitive Skin line is made without oil, dyes or alcohol to be a gentle hypoallergenic formula. The Water Babies line is the #1 Pediatricians and Dermatologists recommended brand of sunscreen for infants. The formula is completely hypoallergenic and is tear free in case of contact with eyes.

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